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About Tickdaq

Here at Tickdaq, our mission is simple: to help people follow their passion for less.

There's nothing quite like singing along to your favourite songs while the artist sings it right back at you, or cheering the winning goal alongside tens of thousands of others at a football game. So, to help ensure you're able to go along and create these wonderful memories, we've built this platform.

Broken down, our name is quite simple. Heard of Nasdaq? Well, that stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System and is an electronic exchange where stocks are traded through computer networks. Our name is a play on that, and would technically stand for Ticket Dealers Automated Quotation Systems.

Why? Well, our platform automatically searches the main ticket sellers and resellers and compiles their prices, giving you a view of the ticket market and helping you see that winning goal or sing that song with your favourite band for less.

So, what does Tickdaq get out of this? Well, every time a user clicks through from our site a makes a purchase, Tickdaq is paid a small commission based on the ticket price. Don't worry, though, this does not impact the price you pay in any way.

Anyway, enough about us. Go grab that ticket!

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